Hockey Helper is a tool for managing amateur hockey leagues. The program keeps a database of leagues and teams, and allows game information to easily be entered.
Statistics are compiled for you, and all printed reports may also be saved to PDF file, saved to Excel file (great for the statistics), or output to HTML for inclusion in a Web site.

For an example of the program HTML output, look here on my Web site: Rec League Peewee/Bantam

I wrote this program after getting involved with scorekeeping for my grandson's Mite hockey league, so support is provided for some situations not found in a more 'pro' league. The program supports tracking team activity in multiple leagues.

              [ Hockey Helper roster window ]               [ Hockey Helper roster print window ]

Roster information is displayed and edited easily. Support is provided for players having the same jersey number. When entering game information, the jersey number is entered first, then you are provided a list of all players with that jersey number for final selection.

The second tab shows 'games played' information for the currently selected league:

              [ Hockey Helper games window ]

From the 'games' tab, you may select to see a summary for the selected game.
The HTML output for the game summary report has been customized to allow easy 'cut and paste' of the game summary into a Web page (see the Help file for further details).

              [ Hockey Helper game summary window ]               [ Hockey Helper game summary print output ]

You may also output the game information in a scoresheet view:

              [ Hockey Helper game scoresheet window ]

The next tab displays statistics. The statistics may be sorted by clicking on the heading (to sort by 'Points', click the 'Points' header). Clicking a heading a second time will invert the sort.
The 'As Goalie' statistic reflects the Mite heritage of this program.

              [ Hockey Helper statistics window ]               [ Hockey Helper statistics print window ]

The final tab displays league standings. Points are computed using the standard, "2 points for a win, and 1 point for a tie".

              [ Hockey Helper league standings window ]               [ Hockey Helper standings print window ]

Download and run the installation program. An extensive Help file is provided and should be consulted for program initial setup and usage details.

Hockey Helper is a 32-bit Windows program.
Program written and compiled using Borland Delphi Studio 2006

June 22, 2017
Copyright © 2010-2017 IdleTime Industries

Revision History:

    v1.80       June 22, 2017
              * Fixed 'multiple' indicator. Would previously stay visible after once appearing. Example: if 2 players have jersey #2, and you are entering player #23, it would display 'multiple', as it did not erase after the inital '2' is entered.
              * Field added to track player 'roster' team in game stats so when player subs onto another team, it does not create multiple entries in the player stats.
              * New method to add substitute player, or player who isn't on ANY team roster, to game roster. Quicker, and adds consistency.
              * Replaced 'Number' with '#' for all roster window headings.
              * The 'Roster Edit' window is now sizeable.
              * Minor change - when entering game info, now edits 'Visitor' roster before Home roster.

    v1.70       September 10, 2015
              * Added another field to game tables to record players' jersey number for that game. The player's roster jersey number will also (still) be stored. Should eliminate multiple stats for players who change jersey numbers.
              * If it is the end of a period and a penalty will run past the end, defaults the 'ON' time to '00:00'.
              * Added indicator when entering game data if more than one player has the entered jersey number.
              * Cosmetic change; swapped position of 'home' and 'visitor' entry boxes in the 'add a game' window.

    v1.60       June 20, 2015
              * Added new table - 'ShotsGoal' to support for 'shots on goal' tracking.
                  NOTE: does not fully support more than one goalie per team.
                              Does not have support for goalie 'minutes played', so cannot determine which goalie gave up which goal.
              * In game summary, penalties are now sorted by Period (ascending) and Start Time (descending).
              * On entering scoring and penalties, when 'Team' changes, the 'Period' is reset to '1'.
              * League standings now auto-update when tab is displayed.

    v1.50       November 20, 2014
              * Added new table - WinLoss, to track team stats.
              * Added new tab to show league standings.
              * Added new report for league standings.
              * Changed HTML output to be HTML5 compatible.
              * Added menu item to output style sheet needed for HTML display.
              * Added player count to game roster window.
              * 'Penalties' window now moves to team selection upon 'Insert'.
              * On entering game info, 'End time' now defaults to 'Start time' + 1 hour.
              * On entering penalties, 'On' time now equals 'Start' time minus penalty minutes.
              * Fixed default filenames for report export to PDF.
              * Restricts characters that may be used for 'Division' name.
              * Moved 'League' selection buttons on 'Roster Info' tab.

    v1.40       March 6, 2010
              * Changed report file export to include prompting to overwrite file if it already exists. Would previously silently overwrite any existing file of the same name.
              * Added prompt for path/filename of exported HTML reports.
              * Path is saved on report export and loaded on next export.
              * Opens on 'League' which was selected when program last closed.
              * Customized 'Stats' report HTML export. Multi-page statistics reports will not have any page breaks when exported to HTML.
              * Added tracking of when 'Statistics' need to be re-compiled to eliminate unnecessary recompilations.
              * Found deleting 'League' still left traces of teams in database. This has been fixed. Deleting 'League' now deletes all League Team and Player info from all database tables.
              * Made change so that when roster last name is changed, all references to that player will be changed (games played, etc).
              * 'Games' grid now adds vertical scroll bar when necessary.
              * Swapped positions of '-' and '+' buttons in Print Preview.

    v1.30       February 18, 2010
              * Changed so that when Roster jersey number for a player is changed, all references to that player will be changed throughout the database (games played, etc).
              * Changed Home and Visitor Roster game entries to scroll to top of list when opened.
              * Added 'Goalies' section to Game Summary report.
              * Added a check that 'Home' and 'Visitor' teams are not the same when entering game information.
              * Added check that 'League' table is not in an edit mode before allowing change to 'Teams' database table.
              * Some database index changes made to add 'FirstName' field to some table indexes.
              * Updated reports to show correct version number.

    v1.21       February 6, 2010
              * Minor fix to eliminate creation of database trace log file.
              * Added window to prompt for setup when no League records are in the database.

    v1.20       January 29, 2010
              * Added a new button on Game Summary page to print game information in a scoresheet format.
              * Changed scoring 'type' display to show full text, rather than just the abbreviation.
              * Added custom output of HTML for Roster report.

    v1.10       January 10, 2010
              * Program would crash when 'print previewing' more than one Game Summary report. This has been fixed.
              * Fixed goal scoring summaries so that even-strength goals have no descriptor (no 'EV') at the end of the line.
              * Customized the HTML output of the Game Summary report. Game Summary HTML may now be cut and pasted to create one long listing of game summaries (for easy Web site maintenance).
              * Application now opens on tab which was last selected.

    v1.00       January 5, 2010
              Original version.

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