for 40x0 Probers (running EG Commander software)

ToolPts is used to back-up the 'machine' data files to floppy disk.

The user is prompted for the prober serial number and is allowed a 25-character 'comment'. If the program has been run before, the previous entries will be shown (the entered values are written to the file 'C:\Util\ToolPts.Txt' at the end of each program run). The user may also choose to compress the machine files on the floppy disk, by selecting '.zip compression'. With .ZIP compression, storage of tool points for over 30 probers on one floppy disk is possible.

A subdirectory will be created on the floppy on drive A: with the same name as the serial number; that is, if the 'Serial No.' entry was 'H494040075-165394', the subdirectory on the floppy will be '94040075'. If the subdirectory already exists, it will be emptied before the copy.

All the files from the prober's 'C:\Comander\EG_Root\Machine' subdirectory are copied to the floppy. If the user chooses .ZIP file compression, all 'machine' files are compressed into one .zip file in the root directory of the prober. Then the .zip file is copied to the floppy disk subdirectory. The .zip filename will be the prober serial number, with .zip extension.

An index file is then written to the root directory of the floppy disk, consisting of the 'Serial No' and 'Comments' entries, and the current date, as below:

   Prober S/N                 Comments                 Date
  ------------               ----------               ------
H494040075-165394     AMD Test 14 - PRB 1424        04 Feb 1996

The index file ('A:\ToolPts.ndx') will contain a listing of all the backed-up machines, listed in serial number order.

Before exit, the file 'C:\Util\ToolPts.txt' is written, to provide default values for next time.

As a bonus, the date of the file 'C:\Util\ToolPts.txt' may be read to indicate when the last tool point backup was done. If .ZIP compression was used, you also have a compressed backup in the root directory of the prober.

Copy this file to the "C:\Util" directory on your prober, then execute by typing toolpt. This will extract two files... the utility file (ToolPts.exe) and a documentation file ( The documentation file may be viewed by typing tool_doc. After extraction of the two files, this original file (ToolPt.exe) may be deleted from the prober.

Self-extracting ZIP.
Program compiled with Borland C++ version 4.52 and the TurboVision library.

January 28, 1999
Copyright 1996-97, 1999 IdleTime Industries

Revision History:

  v2.21   January 28, 1999
       Fixed a bug which caused the floppy index file to overwrite other entries when run on a machine with a serial number starting with anything other than 'H4'.

  v2.20   February 27, 1997
       Widened 'serial number' field to allow 18 characters, to accomodate 'refurb' machines. Removed validation from the serial number field.

  v2.10   February 17, 1997
       Changed the 'OK' button on main window to Default style.

  v2.00   February 9, 1997
       Added option to save files in compressed (PKZip) format on floppy. Also leaves .zip file in root directory of prober.

  v1.00   February 4, 1996
       Original version.

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