for 40x0 Probers (running EG Commander software)

ThruBeam reads a file created by capturing data output from the prober A14 pcb during cassette mapping.

Follow proper procedures to capture cassette mapping data from the prober A14 pcb. Recommended procedures are given in the Electroglas Applications Note “OWS System Optimization using the A14B PCB debug port (J611)”; a summary of connecting to the A14 and capturing data is provided in this application's 'Help' file.

Click on the button “Open Log” and select the capture file to examine. Immediately, the program will load the capture file into the memo space on the “Input” page. The file is examined from back-to-front, so the last cassette mapping data in the file is used. The memo displays the mapping data section of the file.

[ ThruBeam Window ]

Selecting the “Output” page will show a spreadsheet-like layout of data from the file.

[ ThruBeam Window 2]

You may select which slots to use in determining the calculations by clicking in the selection box at the far left of each line. Note that you must click outside the box after making the selection before the selection is recognized.

Program written and compiled using Borland Delphi 6.

April 24, 2005
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