for 40x0 Probers (running EG Commander software)

SortProd is used to sort the list of product files (displayed from the Product / Select prober menu) into alphabetical order.

SortProd sorts the lines found in the prober disk file "C:\EG_Root\Products\XRef.PD" into (ascending) alphabetical order, backing up the original file. The products will then be listed in alphabetical order in the "Product" "Select" screen of the EG Commander software.
The original cross-reference file is renamed "XRef.BAK". If a file named "XRef.BAK" already existed, it is deleted before the rename of the original file.

Copy this file to the "C:\Util" directory on your prober, then execute by typing sortprd. This will extract two files... the utility file (SortProd.exe) and a documentation file ( The documentation file may be viewed by typing sort_doc. After extraction of the two files, this original file (SortPrd.exe) may be deleted from the prober.

Edit the prober's autoexec.bat file by inserting the line
just before the line saying "Comander". Your product list will be re-sorted at each prober bootup.

Note that you may also trigger a re-sort by typing c:\util\sortprod from the DOS prompt (the "\Util" directory is not normally on the DOS path).

Self-extracting ZIP.
Program compiled with Borland C++ version 4.52 and the TurboVision library.

December 20, 1994
Copyright 1994 IdleTime Industries

Revision History:

  v1.01   December 20, 1994
       Revised so the sort is no longer case sensitive.

  v1.00   December 15, 1994
       Original version.

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