for 40x0 Probers (running EG Commander software)

MapUtil is used to delete wafer map 'lots' on the prober's hard drive.

The user is presented with a display of the lots currently stored on the prober in the following format:

Lots are selected by use of the keyboard 'arrow' keys to highlight the desired lot, then pressing the spacebar on the keyboard to visually 'tag' the lot. Additionally, the keyboard 'F7' key may be used to select ALL lots, and the keyboard 'F8' key may be used to de-select ALL lots.

After selecting lots, use the 'delete' button to delete the selected lots. MapUtil will delete the lot subdirectories and adjust the XREF.LOT file to match.

   # of maps is a count of all .MAP files in the lot directory.
   Product data is not available for early versions of prober software.
   Most recent is the date on the most recent .MAP file.
   Lots named 'special' are not displayed; these usually should not be disturbed. (Used for blank wafer, cleaning wafer, etc.)

Copy this file to the "C:\Util" directory on your prober, then execute by typing maprutil. This will extract four files. The utility file (MapUtil.exe) and a documentation file ( are the main components. The documentation file may be viewed by typing map_doc. The other two files (dpmi16bi.ovl and rtm.exe) are used by the program to access protected mode memory and are needed for proper execution. After extraction of the files, this original file (MaprUtil.exe) may be deleted from the prober.

Self-extracting ZIP.
Program compiled with Borland C++ version 4.52 and the TurboVision library.

July 3, 2000
Copyright 1998-2000 IdleTime Industries

Revision History:

  v2.00   July 3, 2000
       Fixed memory problems which could cause program to crash if a large number of lot directories were present. Program now runs in DOS protected mode.

  v1.21   February 5, 1999
       Changes to function which handles file deletion. Deletion process is now 15-20% faster.

  v1.20   February 1, 1999
       Fixed bug(s) which sometimes caused program to crash when run on EG Commander versions 5 or higher.

  v1.10   June 16, 1998
       Now sorts lot display list from newest to oldest; formerly sorted by Lot ID.

  v1.00   April 21, 1998
       Original version.

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