FlowCalc is used with the Temptronics® SA139590 CEE Gas Dryer Unit. Used to calculate the 'actual flow' from air dryer unit.

Uses the 'indicated flow' from Flow Meter (FR1) and the pressure reading from Flow Pressure Gauge (PG2) to calculate the 'actual flow' from the Gas Dryer Unit. The formula used is displayed:

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FlowCalc is a 32-bit Windows program, thus requires Windows 95 (or higher) on the host computer. It will not run under Windows 3.x. Program information may be seen by 'right-clicking' on the executable file, then selecting 'Properties' from the pop-up menu. Select the 'Version' tab for more program information.

Program written and compiled using Borland Delphi 5.0

November 27, 1999
Copyright 1999 IdleTime Industries

Revision History:

  v1.00   November 27, 1999
       Original version.

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