for 40x0 Probers (running EG Commander software)

CopyProd is used to copy multiple products to and from floppy disk.

Copying multiple files from 40x0 probers is currently a slow process. A product must be loaded into the prober from the hard drive, then saved to the floppy. Direct copying in DOS is made more difficult by the presence of the cross-reference file used to link the product name to the sub-directory which contains the product files.

CopyProd makes copying multiple products easy, and takes care of all sub-directory management.

When copying to floppy disk, the user is prompted to select which products to copy. If all selected products will not fit on the first floppy disk, the user is prompted to insert another disk. Each disk creates the same directory structure as if the product had been copied from within the EG Commander software, thus the floppy may be read directly by the prober.

When copying to the prober, the user is again prompted to select the products to be copied. If a selected product name already exists on the prober, the user is given two options: 1) rename the product being copied (the default), or 2) overwrite the existing product.

Copy this file to the "C:\Util" directory on your prober, then execute by typing copyprd. This will extract two files... the utility file (CopyProd.exe) and a documentation file ( The documentation file may be viewed by typing prod_doc. After extraction of the two files, this original file (CopyPrd.exe) may be deleted from the prober.

Self-extracting ZIP.
Program compiled with Borland C++ version 4.52 and the TurboVision library.

November 25, 2000
Copyright 1995, 2000 IdleTime Industries

Revision History:

  v1.01    November 25, 2000
       Minor rev change; changed email address in 'about' dialog to '' (was

  v1.00    June 26, 1995
       Original version.

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