A P8X32A Microcontroller for Breadboard

The Propeller Breadboard is a Parallax P8X32A system for breadboarding circuits. All I/O pins from the processor are brought out to a single row of pins spaced at 0.1" intervals. The circuit board also has two pins providing regulated +5V and Gnd to power the breadboard rail. A second regulator onboard provides the +3.3V for the P8X32A and the 24LC512 EEPROM.
Propeller Breadboard

Hardware Details:
The schematic and layout for the Propeller Breadboard is below. It is a 'bare bones' circuit to support the Parallax Propeller. Input power is 7.5-10VDC, provided through a standard 2.1mm power jack. The voltage is regulated to +5V via a LM7805 regulator. The +5V is provided to pins to power the breadboard rail and to the input of the LM2950ACZ which provides the regulated 3.3V to power the microcontroller and EEPROM. Programming of the board is done via a 'Prop Plug' or similar logic-level serial interface.
Propeller Breadboard schematic

Propeller Breadboard layout

Propeller Breadboard Schematic
Propeller Breadboard Circuit Layout
Propeller Breadboard Bill of Materials

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