4-on-4 at The Pond Hockey Club
May 18, 2017

Jason playing a Spring 4-on-4 game at The Pond Hockey Club. This ice surface at The Pond is 3/4-size of an 'official' rink. Perfect for the smaller game.

The 4-on-4 game rules are much different than a regular hockey game. The game is played in 2 30-minute periods. The goalies switch sides at the half. There is no offsides or icing, but you cannot pass the puck over 3 lines. After a score, or after the goalie holds or covers the puck, the attacking team must clear the zone while the goalie puts the puck back into play. If someone commits a penalty, a penalty shot is awarded. On the penalty shot, once the player touches the puck, the play is live (you can play any rebound off the penalty shot).

The game is fast-paced and is a real workout for the goalies, as defense is not always a priority. The teams are shuffled every week, so it's just a fun time to get together and try some moves that you might not want to try in a game that counts.

Jason is wearing the all-white jersey with red socks in the video. For this Spring season, the 16U and 14U age groups were mixed.

Played on the 'Pond' surface at The Pond Hockey Club, Austin, TX

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